Well That’s Not a Happy Surprise

2 04 2010

So… the update.

The Pneumonia isn’t the cause, it’s a symptom.

The original “virus” I had in January attacked my heart and now it’s functioning at 25% of capacity.

Congestive heart failure.  Aren’t I the lucky one?

Lots of new drugs, and rules for living, and apparently a 66% chance of full recovery. Fingers crossed!



3 responses

4 04 2010

Oh no!

5 04 2010

Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry and hope you are in the 66%!! Is it to your benefit that you didn’t get this virus until after you got in shape? It would seem like you’re in better condition to fight now than you would have been a few years ago?


9 04 2010

Thanks. I’m certainly in much better condition than I would have been which I’m happy about, but it does make it all the more frustrating knowing what I was capable of, and now can’t do. Glass is half full though. I’m staying positive. 🙂

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