Furry child minding…

26 06 2008

A friend of mine is out of town, so I’m on kitty minding duties.   It’s much like looking after my own cats actually, kidney friendly foods, medications…

One major difference.  I’m the stranger in this relationship, and the new kitties aren’t enjoying the fact that there’s a strange man trying to fill the place of their “mum”.  It’s all hisses, spitting and fur flying, and that’s just me! 😉


We’ll work on forging a relationship again in the morning.




2 responses

27 06 2008

That reminds me of robot chicken – when heathcliff and garfield were in “people’s court” together and had to settle with “CAT FIGHT”

that show is hit or miss, but when it’s hit, it makes me roll with laughter.

even if cats are a sore point with a bird like me.

27 06 2008

Robot Chicken is definitaly a staple in this house, and that episode was pretty funny.

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