By George, it’s George!

2 07 2008

We’ve just arrived home from seeing George Michael live at the Key Arena Stadium in Seattle, and while I confess I’m not a huge fan, I certainly do like some of his music.

Tonight was pretty damn awesome.  Firstly, it’s George Michael, a well known and respected artist, and secondly, the tickets were only $25 each.


Now, it’s time for bed.  I’m exhausted.




4 responses

3 07 2008

OMG only $25 that’s crazy. There is no way we’d ever be able to get tix that cheap here.

3 07 2008

Even if you’re not a “fan” you have to admit the guy has awesome chops and he’s supposed to be GREAT in concert. I only know a few of his tunes, but I’d love to see him live.

you do all this fun stuff; I’m totally jealous.

(myself, i love freedom, faith, and, of course, I want your sex, daggone hot song, right up there with Need You Tonight. Guilty pleasures, all!)


3 07 2008

The concert sounds fantastic and at those prices! I have always wondered what it would be like to ride with those clip in shoes. I do a lot of in door cycling and heaps of people have those.

5 07 2008

Jamie, Birdwoman and Larn…

The concert was fantastic, despite my not knowing quite a few of the songs. The price was a highlight as well, especially given we had friends there who’d paid more than 3 x what we had.

Larn… You need to try the shoes, you’ll never go back.

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