Hi’s and Goodbye’s

13 04 2009

It’s been a super busy day today.  Not only did we have to finalise the shopping for our trip, which included buying another bag to take our purchases home in, but we also started doing the rounds of family to bid our farewells for this trip.

In amongst all of that I also managed to fit in coffee with a few ex-school friends that I haven’t seen in nearly twenty years.

It’s certainly been a big day.

Quality time with my parents, sister and brother in-law, and since I’ve had relatively no time with my nephew Jack, I took him with me to have coffee with my school friends, during which I got plenty of cuddles from him, which I’m very happy about, then dinner with Mark’s sister, brother and spouses, and gorgeous nieces, and now we’re home, a little sozzled from the wine, and tired and ready for bed.

This is our last night staying with family for tomorrow we check into the hotel for our last night in Melbourne before flying home.

As always, it’s sad to be saying farewell, especially when family members aren’t at full health.

Just know, I love you all, and can’t wait to be back to spend more time with you.

Missing you already!



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