Movie marathon

6 07 2008

The weekend is almost over already, and the weather has been a little gloomy, so we’ve opted for an afternoon on the couch with a selection of DVD’s.

The Eye


Be Kind Rewind

While I’m typing this I’m watching The Eye, it’s certainly an interesting film, and even slightly distracted I’ve jumped a couple of times from what I’ve seen on the screen.

Guess I’ll just have to continue watching and see what happens.

The one foray outside into adventure saw us driving down to Sixty Acres Park to see an Ultimate Frisbee match in progress.  Pretty cool looking game, I have no idea of the rules, but I’ll have to investigate.

Better go, the movie is getting exciting.




6 responses

6 07 2008

You’ll have to let me know how the American version of the Eye is. I’ve not seen it yet, but I loved the original Chinese version.

6 07 2008

miss you x

7 07 2008

Matt… It rocked!

Mum… You too!

7 07 2008

There’s a Chinese sequel too. Also good, but quite strange!

8 07 2008

how was jumper?


10 07 2008

Matt… The English version suits me just fine thanks 😉

Birdwoman… it was actually pretty good. Although I’m not a fan of Samuel L. Jackson, and will go as far as stating that the only time I thought he was good in anything was when a shark in Deep Blue Sea tore him in half. 😉
Otherwise, I enjoyed it.

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