Comic-Con Day 2

25 07 2008

My resolve is dwindling…

We caught the Dr Who and Torchwood panels yesterday, which were VERY cool.  I took photos which I’ll upload at a later date when I have a much faster Internet connection than the one I’m using now.  (I’m using my mobile phone, as Internet is ridiculously expensive at the hotel).

The writers, executive producer and cast members in attendance were:

Julie Gardner, Steven Moffatt, John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Gareth David-Lloyd (Ianto) and Naoko Mori (Tosh).

All of those on the panel were engaging, and enjoyable.

A highlight of the panel was seeing/hearing John Barrowman and Naoko Mori sing a song from Miss Saigon, that they had performed many years prior.

We didn’t get autographs though.  That was until today.  We both fought with the fact that to obtain an autograph from either John Barrowman or Gareth David-Lloyd you had to purchase a photo or John’s book to have it autographed.

However, we caved in today, and both bought a copy of the book each, and a photo of each of them which were all duly signed.  Unfortunately photographs with the actors were frowned on, but we did manage to get photos of them, without us all the same.

Today has also been another day of absolutely epic queuing.  To call it ridiculous just wouldn’t do it any justice.  Insane might be a little more appropriate, a little, not totally.

Jumping back a bit though.  Post Comic-Con yesterday we caught Video Games Live, an evening of Video Games music as performed by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra and accompanying Choir.  Pretty awesome, the evening concluded with fireworks and us being invited to the VIP reception afterwards, because, we’re THAT special.

Actually, it’s because Mark purchased the premium tickets which entitled us to entry.  We each grabbed a free cookie at the reception then left.  Ha!

On top of today’s already afore mentioned items we also attended a panel for The Big Bang Theory, a relatively new television show, and one that has captured our attention.  It’s witty, clever and pretty damn hilarious.  The cast from that were also informative, and just as hilarious in person as they are in the show itself.

So to summarise, more Comic-Con, actors from favourite shoes, no autographs, Symphony, fireworks, sleep, Comic-Con, autographs from previous days actors, lunch and blog…

Hooroo for now!



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