More snow than you can poke an icicle at

19 12 2008

The official up date to yesterdays snow tally for Redmond, is 12” or roughly 30 cm of snow fell during the day.

That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

There’s more snow forecast for the weekend too!  Another 30cm would be great.

In a week of firsts, today I bought my first set of snow cables for the car.  They’re essentially snow chains, they fit your tyres and give you additional traction in the snow, and given the snow fall here recently are a must have.
That is if you’re excited by not dying on the road.  Which apparently a lot of people here aren’t.

I’ve witnessed so many accidents today it’s ridiculous, the first one almost including me, but I saw “her” coming in time to reverse out of the way.  Stupid woman (sorry if this is racist BUT she WAS Asian) tried to beat the red light on a corner, and lost control skidding around the corner and would have taken me out as well.  But, as I said, I got out of the way.  She slid sideways into a pole, damaged her car, more than likely her ego, but was otherwise unharmed.  When she looked over at me, I have to admit, I did laugh.  Dangerous, but fortunately noone was hurt, so I consider it instant vehicular karma dealt by Mother Nature.
The other maniacs on the road are all driving standard sedans at high speeds without traction wheels or chains.  Hell, I’m driving a 4WD with snow cables, and they’re passing me!!


Oh well, that’s been my day.  Otherwise uneventful, very white, and I hope to take some photos of it all tomorrow.  After Spin class, if I go.  It’s my “contemplation” for the morning.  We’ll see when I wake up.

Before I go, and most importantly… For the American Calendar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!  Hope you have a great day and feel better soon!!  (It was yesterday for Australia).





2 responses

23 12 2008

oh wow that cray lady. I can’t imagine all the mayhem that all that snow brings.

You’re a brave soul to be heading out on those roads. Is there no law that you have to use snow chains and the like?

24 12 2008

She was one of the good ones. She didn’t injure anyone. There’s been all sorts of madness over here.

I have to admit though, I enjoy the challenge. 😉

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